Download / Install

Download / Install

The WP Symposium plugin can be downloaded for free from the link below. The simplest way to install WP Symposium is via your WordPress admin dashboard, below plugins, choose Add New and search for “WP Symposium”.

What’s included?

  • Loads of options for all the following…
  • Forum (too many features to list!)
  • Member Profiles
  • Activity and status messages (like Facebook™)
  • Friends, and Following
  • Private Mail
  • Member Directory/Search
  • Panel to see unread mail and friends online
  • Live chat windows and a chatroom for members (read more on chat options)
  • Widgets galore, such as: Latest forum posts widget, member status posts widget, Friends online widget, Unanswered forum posts widget (if using a Q&A style forum)
  • Comprehensive administration options
  • Set styles via “pick-and-choose”

“Bronze+” features are included in the download!

In addition to the free features above, there are further features available for WP Symposium. These features are included in the download from with the core plugins above. The plugins available include:

  • Profile Plus
    • Sliding/scrolling profile menu
    • Likes and Dislikes on Profile Activity
    • @user tags
    • Enable distance on member directory
    • “Hover box” over member avatars
    • Site wide, customisable search
  • Groups
    • Group activity stream
    • Group Forum
  • Galleries (Photo albums)
  • Events and event management
  • Facebook Shared Staus
  • Mobile/SEO/Accessibility
  • RSS Activity Feed (Follow member’s activity)
  • Alerts (notifications)
  • Yes/No Vote Widget
  • The Lounge (chat room)

The download below reflects the latest version of the local development copy.

  • Anyone can download the current nightly build/release candidate.
  • It is not recommended for use on live websites, although it will be in use on! In other words, use at your own risk.

What version is the download?

The download available will always match the code on this website. This is shown at the bottom of the page (in the footer) and is running on this website.


Problem with the downloaded ZIP file?

If your downloaded ZIP file is reported as corrupt or can’t be opened, try downloading via Firefox or Chrome (Internet Explorer sometimes downloads ZIP file incorrectly it seems).


(Use the button above to download).

Download installation instruction

  1. Download the ZIP file and extract the contents – you will see a folder called wp-symposium.
  2. Take a copy of the current wp-symposium folder in your plugins folder (so you can revert back to current version if need be).
  3. Delete the current wp-symposium folder via FTP or your file manager.
    Do not delete them via the WordPress Plugins admin page!!
  4. Using FTP (or your file manager if on your local computer) place the extracted wp-symposium folder (from step 1) into your plugins folder.
  5. You may need to re-activate the WP Symposium plugins (check your WordPress Plugins admin page and read the current release notes on the blog).
  6. After visiting the WordPress admin dashboard, read new welcome page, including the summary of new features and changes, and check your Installation page that all is well in the world…