WordPress Social Network Plugin

Hang on a mo… setting up a social network?

You should take a look at the next generation of WP Symposium, the social network plugin for WordPress. Introducing…

WP Symposium Pro


Take total control over your social network with WP Symposium Pro. Just add shortcodes for what you want, where you want. It’s YOUR Social Network – Your Way!
And what’s more, it is easy to extend, and incredibly compatible with themes and plugins…

Boost your site membership, keep them coming back!

What is WP Symposium?

Simply put, WP Symposium is a WordPress social network plugin that turns your WordPress site into a Social Network!

Profile page, activity stream, friends, member directory, forum, groups, private mail, galleries, events, and more…! Join this site to try them all out!

Most features are free, and always will be. A few extra features (known as Bronze+ features) require you to subscribe to a membership package. You can try them all on your site to test them out, but a subtle notice is shown (just for the extra features, not all the free stuff!)


Install in 3 steps

1. Install WordPress
2. Add WP Symposium
3. Erm… sorry, 2 steps
(apart from considering membership!)

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WPS Dashboard

WP Symposium DashboardEvery site admin should find the new WPS Dashboard Extension crucial for managing their social network. Vital management information about your site and your members! Click here for more info…

WP Symposium Pro…

WP Symposium Pro is a new plugin, that takes everything that has been learnt from 4 years of developing WP Symposium. The result is a set of plugins that let you design your social network, your way – you can put what you want, where you want! It’s incredibly compatible with themes and plugins, and the core plugin is free, from the WordPress.org plugin repository. Because everything is done “the WordPress way” it is fast, and easy to extend.

WordPress Social Network Plugin

It’s incredible easy to install WP Symposium, the WordPress social network plugin. You’ll have profile pages, activity, forums, chat, member directory, groups and so much more in minutes!

Step 1: Install WordPress

With it’s famous 5 minute install, visit www.wordpress.org to get and install WordPress. New to WordPress? Our Getting started with WordPress guide may help. Click here…

Step 2: Install WP Symposium

This will take about 30 seconds… On the WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins -> Add New. Search for “wp symposium” and click on Install. Done. Then go to the WP Symposium -> Installation admin page to set up your WordPress social network plugin.