Independent User Review

February 2013: mjunker

Hands Down the best plugin ever made to turn your site into a social network site. I’ve been using WP Symposium for 2 years plus (before bronze plugin). The best part is that WP Symposium is ever evolving and improving and both Simon and @Robert work hard to keep up and ahead of rising issues

Independent User Review

February 2013:, Jesse Weeks (Campaign Manager)

When Quality, Ease and Service Matter…Go WP Symposium Gold

Our site needs included private workspace areas for multiple projects.  After a week and half struggling to make other programs meet our needs, we found WP Symposium…loaded and tested it within 24 hours.  WP Symposium includes multiple features we needed plus social networking features that will delight our members and empower our movement which is our reason for the website.  WP Symposium provides full customization ability that easily integrated with our design and theme.  So technically this is a winner, but there’s one more thing setting WP Symposium as the gold standard for websites needing group, forum and social networking features:  Exemplary Service.

During our 24 hour setup and test cycle, we needed assistance on one issue.  Almost immediately, personalized service was delivered professionally and in one exchange our issue was resolved.   Amazing!  In this era of technology based products, it is rare to get personalized attention when needed without an exhausting and time consuming experience often ending in frustration over resolution.   So, we at offer our experience to you…Go the gold standard in technology and service…Go WP Symposium Gold.

Independent User Review

May 2011: via, houseofstrauss

Symposium is first of all a fully integrated wordpress forum, complete with posts digest and notifications. But that’s just the start. Symposium is also a ‘social network’ application that offers logged in members connectivity through an internal email system, facebook-like wall, configurable profile page and activity stream. It also offers external connectivity with your usual social networks, RSS facebook etc …

I may have left out some finer features, but you can also add other modules onto the framework such as galleries, groups and other goodies.

Simon Goodchild runs and develops the core plugin and it has to be said is a first class support, both here and on his own support forum (which is run on Symposium). He’s clearly determined to make Symposium a major feature in the WordPress arena.

Symposium is not for everyone and it must be said, if you’r on a low powered shared server, you may find it slow and clunky. In my experience, it also does not play nice with some themes using jquery/ajax etc, plus some plugins will conflict if they also use these dependencies. There are options to symposium to tweak these scripts that can help compatibility… you have to experiment.

If you are looking for your own fully featured social network plugin, this would be the one of choice, but don’t think you can tack it on to your already plugin heavy webssite and see it fly. It really deserves its own wordpress install and a well optimised theme and server to really shine.

Having said that, symposium is a beautiful piece of software that offers true social features for wordpress and also plays well with buddypress if you want the whole 9yds.

My advice: set up a private test wordpress site, install 2010 theme and symposium ONLY. Read the documentation and play! Once you get it working sweet, then try another theme if you want, add other plugins cautiously, especially if they have javascript dependencies. Be aware that Symposium is resource hungry, so be aware of that limitation before you try and build the next facebook.

It gets full marks from me and many others, not only because of the slick and functional features, but also the quality of consistent updates, developer support and community backup.

BuddyPress Alternative WP Symposium is Fast Approaching a Release Candidate

January 26th, 2011:, Sarah Gooding

Excerpt: “One of the most important is that WP Symposium doesn’t require it’s own theme. Rather, it works within your current WordPress theme. Users will be able to select and add only the components that they require without having to make loads of CSS and markup changes in order to make “fit” into their WordPress themes.”

How to Add a Social Network to your WordPress blog

January 26th, 2011: ReturnOnNow, Tommy Landry

Excerpt: “After reading the details about what it [WP Symposium] does, it almost seemed to good to be true.

The skeptical mind that I am, the next step was a trip to their website. There I perused user feedback, commentary about the beta software (they just pre-released it, which means that all features are tested and validated except for a couple of new alterations), and their support area for more information. Finally, I did a quick Google Search to see what other bloggers and forums were saying.

One thing was immediately clear – users were loving this plug-in.”

Introducing WP Symposium: An Exciting BuddyPress Alternative

December 2010:, Sarah Gooding

Excerpt: “If you haven’t heard about WP Symposium then you will soon. It’s an promising new project that will house a suite of social networking plugins, starting with a forum. Features coming soon include user profile, friends, user wall, forum, messaging, groups, media libraries (photos, youtube, etc), and a summary of user/friends activity.”