Release information for v13.02


Current phase is: Released

  • Feature set scope complete (see below).
  • Development phase complete.
  • Testing phase complete.
  • Final cleanup complete.
  • Release date: Wednesday 13th February.
  • Admin Guide: Available online.

Please see notes on the release schedule for more information.

Scope of v13.02

A summary of the release changes is available in release.txt.


* Include Extended Fields in profile page header [1]
* Date of birth format can now be set via profile options (if day, month and year have all been set)
* Added __wps__profile_born filter to allow formatting of date of birth/age on profile page
* Added profile_activity_image and profile_activity_gallery_first_image classes to allow control height

* New forum topic form defaults to current category
* Admin’s can now create new forum topics even if blocked to other users
* Added ‘Everyone’ option to overall forum view/reply/comment permissions
* Disabling replies now also disables comments
* Message shown at bottom of forum topic if replies not allowed

* Bulk options now provided (reset your “Mail Page: Tray Item” template)
* Delete selected mail items
* Mark all mail as read (inbox only)
* Delete all mail
* Recover all deleted mail
* Small improvement to layout of mail message

* Chat windows completely re-written for stability
* Smileys supported and URLs (that start with www.) converted into hyperlinks
* New messages cause sound notification and title bar colour change
* Chat windows can be turned into a separate browser chat window (so can leave the site/move around)
* User’s can select their own notification sound via the profile community settings
* Click on chat name to go to their page

* Post an image to your activity (optional feature, set on ‘Plus’ admin options)
* Simplified management of vertical menu when scrolling (just one value now)

* Horizontal menu with drop-down items now available for group page (activate on ‘Plus’ admin options)

* Displays next scheduled run time on admin options page
* Added option in admin to check for waiting replies, but not actually process them
* Added option to delete all from POP3 mailbox (to clear out)
* Improved flow for email notifications

Updated admin page with examples
Replaced method of retrieving Facebook User ID

* Full support for CubePoints, see

* Tested up to WordPress v3.5.1
* Added URL to “Report” sent to site administrator
* Removed border on DIV in default email template (as looked odd when replying to forum via email)
* Moved inclusion of javascript translations to bottom of <body> tag, just before it’s closed
* Added additional reminder after installation/upgrade to visit installation page
* Moved translations from dialogs.php to localized string (to avoid putting into DOM)
* Moved PDF admin guide to online pages at
* Added WPS icon to admin menu


* Fixed link between extended fields and WordPress metadata (see note #1 below)
* Improves stablity of table creation on installation
* Ensures a 100% removal of WPS when uninstalling (all options, usermeta data, tables, etc).
* Corrected in powered-by messages to
* Fixed warnings when running WordPress in debug mode
* Fixed bug for editing starting post in the forum
* Fixed bug with WYSIWYG editor width
* AJAX versions of widgets now loading okay, and not holding up page load
* Default friends are now actual friends, not just a request
* Gallery on WPMS installation bugs fixed
* Events on WPMS installation bugs fixed
* Friendship messages now sent from all requests
* Other minor fixes


1. Remember that in WPMS installations, extended fields are network wide
2. The Panel (chat) is now a Bronze member feature
3. Chatroom no longer exists as part of the Panel

What you should do after upgrading

To be sure of a clean upgrade, you should do the following after upgrading an existing WP Symposium installation:

  • Visit the Installation page
  • Reset the profile header, profile body page, group page templates and Mail Page: Tray Item. Don’t forget to save them!

New chat windows

Previously, on some installations, chat windows would close occasionally. Therefore, the chat has been re-written. Please note:

  • Totally new ‘chat’ engine
  • Modern chat design
  • Chat window can be opened in a separate pop-up window
  • Chat can be cleared
  • The chatroom has been removed
  • Unlimited chat windows
  • The Panel is now a Bronze subscription feature
  • Recommended minimum polling interval on options is 10 seconds, but can vary depending on host

Including extended fields in profile header

Simply add [ext_xxx] to the profile page header template, where xxx is the stub of the extended field, eg:

<div style='float:right'>[poke]</div>
<div style='float:right'>[follow]</div>
<div id='profile_name'>[display_name]</div>
<div id='profile_header_div'>
<div id='profile_label'>[profile_label]</div>
<div id='profile_header_panel'>
<div id='profile_photo' class='corners'>[avatar,200]</div>
<div id='profile_details'>
<p>[location]<br />[born]</p>
<div id='profile_actions_div'>[actions]</div>

How to manually upgrade to a release candidate

It is very important (actually vital) when manually installing (or installing a release candidate), to:

  1. take a backup of your current wp-symposium plugin folder and database (“just in case”)
  2. delete the current wp-symposium plugin folder via FTP – do not delete via WordPress admin->Plugins->Installed Plugins as this will delete all your WP Symposium content!!!
  3. upload the contents of the download into your plugins folder (so that you have new wp-symposium folder with everything of inside of it and not old files hanging around)
  4. re-activate the single WP Symposium plugin

If you are manually installing the same version (ie. you are installing a newer release candidate, for example), then you can skip steps 1 and 2. If you are upgrading from v12.10 to v12.11 (for example), then you should perform steps 1 and 2.

The download version is suffixed with NB for nightly build during development phase, or RC for release candidate during testing phase. If no suffix, current download is the same as available via

Upgrading via WordPress admin

Note: this is only applicable to the live release.

When you upgrade, you must do the following:
  1. As always recommended by WordPress, backup your site/database so you can rollback if you have to. There are numerous plugins to help you.
  2. After upgrading, make sure that the single WP Symposium plugin is activated on your WordPress plugins page.
  3. And then go to your installation page and activate the “features” (previously separate plugins) required. If using WordPress multi-site, network activate those “features” that you want all of your sites to have automatically activated, leaving the rest of the site admin’s to activate themselves
  4. Finally, reset the Profile Page Header template (WP Symposium->Manage->Templates) and re-save. If using WordPress multi-site, you can update all your sites at once (checkbox beside save button).

Reporting errors with v13.02

A dedicated forum area is available to report bugs found with v13.02.

Admin Guide

The admin guide has been updated to cover the current download, including the new way of activating WP Symposium features (previously plugins). It’s available as a PDF to download (19MB), but is being moved to an online version.

Previous Version

Older versions of WP Symposium are available at the bottom of the download page.

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