The WP Symposium plugin available at will always remain under the GPL licence. Core features are available for free, and additional features are available to Bronze members. Without an activation code, if you use a Bronze+ feature you will get a notice to consider membership (but they are fully functional so you can try on your site first).

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Important, please read…

WP Symposium has been running for over 5 years, with releases now produced for bug fixes and to flag as compatible with WordPress releases.

Other than bug fixes, there is now a freeze on WP Symposium development and new sales, with the focus for new developments on WP Symposium Pro which is remarkably compatible with themes and plugins, totally customisable in terms of layout, and all done “the WordPress way”. It’s the future of WP Symposium.

Activation Code

Click here to view your activation code.

What about WordPress Multi-site?

WP Symposium works on multi-site.

Can I install the software on as many websites as I like?

You required one licence for every server/site WP Symposium is installed on.

Do I have to pay every year with Bronze?

No. However, bronze membership gives you access to the activation code at the top of this page. If you are using Bronze+ features, when your activation code expires a warning appears at the top of your website.

Note: the warning only appears if you are using Bronze+ features, the free features are free and will always remain free.

If you cancel your PayPal subscription your membership will be removed and you will not be able to access activation codes. Therefore, if you are going to cancel your subscription, it is probably best to do so towards the end of your annual payment period.

What is not covered by support?

Sorry, but we can’t guarantee to fix incompatibility problems with third party themes and plugins (although we’ll do our best). There are just too many of them to guarantee this. We always recommend fixing problems by switching to TwentyTwelve theme first (see try this first). However, if you want more support than is provided via the packages above, please contact us and we can discuss setting up a custom package.

Cancelling a PayPal subscription

To cancel your subscription for Bronze Membership, please do so via your own PayPal account. Click on the button below: