Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is WP Symposium?
A. A plugin for WordPress, that will allow you to run a social network on your WordPress website.

Q. Where do I start?
A. Try the Getting Started page or the admin guide.

Q. Is it free?
A. There are a core set of plugins that will always be free, available on the WordPress plugin repository. Also included are some additional “Bronze+” featutres that can be used and tested on your site, but will display a polite banner at the top of your website. Once you become a Bronze member or higher, you can get an activation code from the membership page to enter into Symposium->Installation.

Q. What is the difference between free and Bronze+ versions?
A. The feature set of the free and “Bronze+” versions are the same, the only difference is the polite warning at the top of the site if any Bronze+ features are activated. Features are clearly labelled as “Bronze” on the WP Symposium installation page so they can be identified. The Bronze features are included so that they can be tested on your site prior to any financial commitment.

Q. How do I become a subscribing member?
A. Once you’ve registered at, go to the membership page. You also get access to a helpdesk for a guaranteed responses, and a private forum category on

Q. How do I get guaranteed personal support from the WPS developers?
A. Sign up as a bronze/silver or gold member, via the membership page, and you can log helpdesk tickets (see the forum page).

Q. Are there any other support options?
A. The forum is very lively. Support is provided whenever time allows, but unfortunately can’t be guaranteed.

Q. Is the official release the latest version?
A. In addition to the official release, the current development version (either nightly build or release candidate) is available at all times as a download, however please bear in mind that this may include new features that aren’t referred to officially until release, and is not recommended for live sites (although it will be in use on

Q. How often is WP Symposium updated?
A. Officially, every month or two, which will include any bug fixes since the last release, and new features as per the roadmap. Holidays or big developments may mean the schedule may be flexible. Check out the blog for latest development notes/release notes.

Q. How can I influence the priority of developments?
A. Subscribing members can vote on what’s in the development queue on the voting page. If you have an idea or want to discuss developments, feedback is most welcome on the forum.

Q. How can I log a ticket on the helpdesk?
A. Once you are a subscribing member, visit the forum page where you will see a link, or go directly to here.

Q. Will you install WP Symposium on my website for me?
A. For Gold members, we provide a full installation service.


There are answers to your problems!

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Q. Things are not right, buttons don’t respond, the flashing square won’t go away. Why?
A. This is probably a javascript problem, this is the most common problem. Try this first.

Q. How do I remove the Powered by WP Symposium in my footer?
A. Symposium->Templates (Page Footer). Put in something else, or some spaces (do not leave empty).

Q. Why are permissions on the forum not allowing users to see, post or reply?
A. Decide who gets to do what on Symposium->Forum (check who gets what access), and individual forum categories at Symposium->Forum Categories.

Q. Activity/Info/Friends box on Profile page causing layout issue
A. Go into the ‘Profile’ settings area under ‘Symposium’ and uncheck the box ‘Recently Active Friends Box’. That setting says ‘Show Recently Active Friends box on side of wall (may take up space, depending on page template)’. Your theme page template is causing the crowding.

In that situation, the recently active friends box can’t be used. However, you can go into ‘Widgets’ under ‘Appearance’ and drag ‘Symposium: Your Friends’ widget onto the sidebar. There are several options in that widget to show last active, online/offline. There is another widget that shows ‘Symposium: Latest Forum Posts, one that shows ‘Symposium: Latest Activity’. So, it is not necessary to have that box active in the profile activity area.

Q. I’ve got another problem, what should I try first?
A. Try this first…

Q. I’m having a bad day, nothing seems to be working. What should I do?
A. Have a nice cup of tea. Try again tomorrow.