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My forum disappeared...again.
Started by Peasant Don 2 years ago

So I upgraded Symposium and now my forum is gone...again. It seems like every time I upgrade this happens. I've spent the last hour scrolling through the menus and the Admin Guide I downloaded, to no avail. My pages look right, and I have my profiles showing up and my members list and my recent activity, but no forum. Yes, it's activated. Can anyone help  me with this? Talk about a conversation killer... Thanks in advance. http://sonomagop.org/soco-gop-forum/ is my forum page.

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Emperor Robert (WPS Support) replied 2 years ago...

Just went to the page you posted and here is the sccreen shot of what I see

Robert (WPS Support) commented 2 years ago
Are you running a cache pluggin? Can cause this to happen as well if you did not clear the cache before looking..

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Peasant Don replied 2 years ago...

Dang. It's always something.

Thanks so much. I never installed a cache plugin but it's gotta be that my cache isn't cleared. Now I'll remember THIS next time. What else could pOsSiBlY go wrong next time? lol

Crap. I was working in Chrome. Now I opened up Firefox and it looks fine. Thank you again. 

Robert (WPS Support) commented 2 years ago
How do they say that, that's life, that's life, old Bing Crosby song. LOL We all learn all the time.

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Peasant Don replied 2 years ago...

One more thing, Robert: I've searched wpsymposium.com for instructions on setting up groups. Can't find anything. If you look on my forum page, where I thought I would try locating my groups (because I have no idea how much space groups take), all you see is [symposium-groups] but no "Create Group" button. Thanks.

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Peasant Don replied 2 years ago...

Oh: http://doncobb.com - Thanks.

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Monarch stuey replied 2 years ago...

They (groups, forum, gallery etc.....) all need their own page to start off with so in your wps "installation" page, it lists that they are set up.  The pages do not have to be named exactly "groups" but it helps when getting started. I have a page called "Benefits Community" where my forum resides. Once you get it all set up you can mix and match the shortcodes.


[symposium-group] Used to display a group page, should not be included in user navigation or menu.
[symposium-groups] Display the groups on the site.
Profile /profile/ [Edit] [Options]  
Forum /benefits-community/ [Edit] [Options]  
Members /members/ [Edit] [Options]  
Mail /mail/ [Edit] [Options]

The above will be on your Doncobb.com  Installation page.

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