WP Symposium adds to support staff!

Please welcome Robert Dempsey (username Robert) who will be over-seeing the forum and support. He is located in Tampa, Florida, so WP Symposium now has a office in the USA!

Robert has been on the internet for over 12 years now. During this time he has worked with numerous developers of site plug-ins and more, and having over 10 sites of his own knows some of the problems that can arise for you.

He has been associated with the developer at Caseproof for 3 years, of which he was heading up the support department there. He has also helped with development of their products along with developers of numerous other plug-ins and themes for WordPress.

Fortunately for us all, Robert loves working with WP Symposium and being able to help members as much as possible.  He might not get it right first time every time and may ask a lot of questions, but work with him as he’ll be doing that in order to offer his best support and learn about your website and how you use WP Symposium.

He is going to be working here to help with support of WP Symposium, which he has been testing and using from the start of the adventure! He runs “WPS” on all of his sites, and will therefore share the upgrades, new feature developments and testing with you.

He is normally on line from about 7AM EST till 10 or 11 PM  every day except the weekends. Every support problem and question is received by email to him and his computer yells at him when they arrive so he can answer in a timely fashion. He may not be able to answer instantly, but will answer as soon as he can, so we can keep you up and running.

Says Robert: “I am looking forward to a long and lasting relationship with everyone here. Please make me a friend so things can be run a little faster if and when you might have a problem. Being friends make things easier for both of us. :)”.

Please welcome Robert on board!


7 thoughts on “WP Symposium adds to support staff!

  1. Robert

    I am glad to be here and able to help Simon and take some of the load off him so he can focus more on the development of WPS.
    If I do not know a answer I will find out asap for you. I do have a habit of asking questions so I can better assist with a problem so bare with me as I get settled in here learning all the in’s and out’s of WPS as well.
    I do us WPS on all my site and have a dedicated test server as well to try and dupe all problems that you have.
    Looking forward to helping as I can for each of you.

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