Release Notes for v12.10

With the new release schedule, the following is using that approach and therefore this is the included feature set and reported fixes for v12.10.

As requested by many, this will allow bugs to be formally reported for a release and addressed, assisting in a more robust system. The next release will also focus on further stabilisation.

Feature set

The feature set for this release is as follows:

New [symposium-gallery] shortcode to show profile page with gallery as default

Shows the profile page, going straight to the gallery.
Important note: The previous [symposium-gallery] to show all albums will change to [symposium-galleries] as these names make more sense.

Fix for non-admin users to see “My Gallery”

Fix the problem where only admin’s could see the My Gallery menu item.

Fix for s2members plugin compatibility in terms of role selection for forum permissions

Fix the issue with s2member roles with spaces.

Do not permit blank group names

Do not allow groups to be created without a name.

Delete groups via Groups Admin

Add a delete group link on the Groups Options page.

Cubepoints WPS module to support likes/dislikes

Extend the Cubepoints module to support likes and dislikes.

symposium_profile_header and symposium_profile_header_public filters

Add the filters.

Tabbed options in admin (activate in Settings)

Replace the long admin menu with a shorter menu, and tabs for options and manage. Provide an option on Setting to revert back to the longer version.Add comments to forum replies

Depending on roles chosen on Forum Options, permit users to add a quick comment to forum replies. If no roles selected, then disabled.

Additional Fixes (as per bug reporting forum topic)

  • Images on forum (if displayed as links) bug
  • Check profile page redirect is working
  • Activity Stream still prompts for login :(
  • Alerts/Forum Reply E-mails Not Going Out
  • Admin Install Page v. Gallery

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